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7 & 11 Rochefort Drive Tenant FAQ

Where will tenants be relocated to during the construction of the building?


Tenants are responsible for finding accommodation to live in during construction. When you receive notice to vacate you will also receive financial assistance as part of the tenant relocation and assistance plan. The compensation is intended to help mitigate financial hardship during the time the new building is being constructed. Tenants will also receive a moving allowance to cover the costs associated with moving. 


After the construction of the rental replacement units has been completed, all tenants will be offered the opportunity to return to the property in a new rental replacement unit. If you elect to move back to a replacement unit at that time you will again be provided with a moving allowance. 


If I find a unit to relocate to now, can I move out and still receive compensation?


You must be living at the building and receive the notice to vacate in order to qualify for the compensation, moving allowance, and the right to return to a replacement rental unit. Tenants will receive 6 months’ notice, at minimum. We are very early in the process, and do not anticipate any construction to occur for at least 5 years. 


What will the tenant compensation be?


The base compensation is guided by Provincial and municipal policies, but the full compensation package is determined through a negotiation process between the City of Toronto and the applicant. The City of Toronto will look at a number of factors such as the current rents being paid by existing tenants, how much market rents are in the area, and tenant input to determine the amount provided. 


Later, during the application review process, the City will host a tenant consultation meeting to discuss the tenant assistance plan and gather feedback. This consultation session usually happens near the end of the application review process, but you are welcome to reach out to the City throughout the review process with thoughts or questions.  



Will my rent change while the application process is underway and when I return after construction? 


During the application process, which we are now in, your rent can still increase based on the Residential Tenancies Act. If you decide to move into a new replacement unit, your rent will be based on the same rent that you pay when you vacate your current unit, plus the standard annual rent increases based on the provincial guideline plus a 4% one-time permitted rent increase. As you may be aware, there are provincial guidelines in place that allow landlords to increase rent by a certain percentage each year. This would not ‘freeze’ during construction. 


Will the utilities be included?


Heat and water are currently included in the rent, and hydro is separate and you pay this individually. We are planning for this to be the case in the new building. If this does change, the rent will be adjusted based on what is included when you return.


Will the new unit be the exact same as my current one in terms of size, number of bedrooms, location, etc.?


Yes, the units will be of a similar size and type (number of bedrooms). The City of Toronto has a Residential Rental Property Demolition By-law which includes regulations for property owners who are looking to demolish existing rental buildings or units and redevelop. If the application is approved, all of the existing rental units in 7 and 11 Rochefort Drive will be replaced in the new buildings with units of a similar type (number of bedrooms) and size. The exact unit that may be offered to you when you return will depend on the unit that you currently occupy, and your seniority at the current building. City of Toronto housing staff will oversee the housing allocation for existing residents who wish to return and your individual circumstances and seniority in the building may be taken into account. 


I have a parking spot now. Will I have one in the new building?


If you currently rent a parking space, you will also have the right to a parking space in the new building at the same terms and conditions as your current parking space.


What kind of amenities will we have?


There will be indoor and outdoor amenities. Indoor amenities could be meeting rooms, lounges, games room and a fitness room. Outdoor amenities will include roof top deck terraces, ground level space overlooking the new park, a large central courtyard space and shared outdoor dining and seating areas. Exactly what types of spaces will be in the rental replacement building have yet to be determined. 


Will my new unit be accessible?


Yes, all levels of the new building and all common spaces will have elevator access and will be accessible. The new building will also have some accessible units but it has yet to be determined how many. 


Who do I reach out to if I have more questions?


For questions about the proposal and/or tenant assistance, you can reach out to our project team contact, Maureen Solmundson by email at maureen@poonigroup or by phone at 604-731-9053 ext 116.


You may also wish to reach out to the City of Toronto contact, Graham Haines at

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